“Why” You Do What You Do.

Why Marketing?

Sure you have financial goals. So do I.

Maybe you want to finally hire a new person to alleviate how much work you’re doing.

Or there’s a SICK new camera you’ve had your eye on that will help you crush it artistically.

You’ve been saving up to buy the space next door so you can expand (your employees are literally on top of each other).

You want to sell the business and retire or go live in a van for a year.

Those are goals, and they are great goals.

Not one of those things is the true reason why you’re doing the business you’re doing.

I know it because when I sit down and talk to you in a casual setting and your face lights up about your business, it’s never about those things. It’s about something much deeper and more meaningful.

You tell me stories about the innovative environment you’ve created. How your employees get together every year to package thousands of care packages for the homeless. That the people who work for you are GOOD people who care about each other and their community. You tell me stories about how your company is making an impact, how they’re innovating or how what your company does supports incredible customers, who are changing the world. Maybe you just make packaging, but you’re part of a larger purpose.

What is your why? Why does it even matter? Most importantly, what does it have to do with ROI (return on investment)?

Watch this 5 minute video with Simon Sinek, explaining the psychology behind the “why.”

Here’s the secret you don’t know:

It’s also why your customer loves working with you. And it’s the thing that would cause your prospects to leave your competitor and come work with you instead.

Now don’t get me wrong. I am a big believer that the basics must be mastered. Features and benefits must be clear and concise. You have to master the four P’s (product, placement, price and promotion). But if you want to go to the next level, it’s about crafting the story of your “why” in business.

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Your why should be the masthead that every employee sings, represented from the top of the marketing funnel, all the way down. So now what? Here’s 3 things you can do this week to start highlighting your “why” in business.

  1. Figure out what your why is. Maybe you have a friend who you can take to coffee or a microbrew and just talk about what’s exciting about your business and ask them what they hear you saying. You can also schedule a call with me and together we can craft a message.
  2. Take a look at your website, is your why anywhere on the home page? (keep in mind only 20% of visitors make it past your home page). What is a way you can make it front and center?
  3. Get your employees together (everyone) and start to explain the why to them. They might even have more to add to the list. Come up with ways that each employee can better tell your why story. Invoices? Delivery guy?

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