Free Quarterly Update on Facebook & Instagram

I'll Keep Up For You...FOR FREE

You don't have time to keep up with every update being made in Facebook and Instagram, so I'll do it for you. Each quarter join me as I cover all the changes, additions and trends that are happening in the ever changing landscape of social media. Sign up to get a FREE pdf outlining all the changes AND a FREE LIVE webinar offered throughout the day on April 10th!

First Quarter Update: 1 Hour live Webinar offered 4 times on April 10th

  • Stats on how people are consuming video and video ads.
  • Ranking updates in Facebook and Instagram.
  • New best practices in AD bidding.
  • New Facebook optimization tools, and what people have to say about them.
  • Shorter video & vertical video.
  • Measurement tools that are working.
  • Updates on ad policies.
  • Facebook workplace.
  • New hashtag best practices for Instagram.
  • Instagram's new algorithm updates
  • And MORE!
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