Put yourself in the drivers seat

Sometimes you just need to learn how to do things for yourself. Whether that's because you're a small business owner who wants to cut costs or looking to expand the offerings in your career.

Trainings Offered:

  • Weekly: Facebook's Ads Manager 101 Training (limit 5 per class)
  • Monthly: Launch your podcast in 30-days (limit 10 per class)
  • Quarterly: What's new in Facebook and Instagram for businesses
  • Custom trainings available on request
  • Discounts for teams
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Power Editor / Ads Manager 101

Facebook's ads manager tool goes beyond Facebook targeting into thousands of apps, video platforms, article platforms, Instagram and much more.

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Launch Your Podcast In 30-Days

Have you been talking about starting a podcast. Now is the time. In 30 days I'll walk you through everything you need to launch your podcast.

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Quarterly Update on Facebook & Instagram Tools

I take the time to learn and test the latest tools released every quarter and then teach you how to increase your reach and ROI using them.

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