Marketing Strategy


The Four P’s Process

Putting your head down and getting to work is something all business owners understand. But are you a business owner who feels like your putting your head down day after day, but not getting anywhere? Or not seeing revenue come in as projected? It might be because you don’t have a plan. Having a business and marketing strategy plan is crucial to success and profitability.

So where do you start? At the end of the day it all comes down to the 4 P’s: Product, Price, Place, Promotion (and YES all of those are marketing).

After the 4 P’s are identified.  You can then start crafting your strategy and defining tactics to get you to your end goal.

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Marketing Funnel Strategy

You’ve spent all this money on a website and a huge amount time and energy to make your social media pop, but you still aren’t seeing leads come in…. does that sound familiar?

This happens all to often to business owners.  So we want to pose you a question.  Are your website, social media channels, online ads doing anything for your potential client, or are they just sitting there looking “pretty”?

Our guess is the latter.  We see this problem a lot, and our solution is funnel marketing.  Funnel marketing strategy essentially makes sure every place your potential client sees you offers them something on which to take action.  “Funneling” them through a process that takes them from strangers to best friends. 

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