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The future of sales, retail, marketing and social media is going towards personalization.

About this Event

Here’s the hard truth. Digital copycat marketing isn’t working. Set and forget formulas that are used by every other business in the industry are falling flat on their face. Consumers are asking for something else entirely, and as a small business you are best positioned to give it to them.

STOP giving away everything for free just to “add value” and get noticed.
STOP investing in complicated models that devalue the relationship with your customer
START using your time and money wisely with a calculated strategic technique for making better relationships
START having a natural approach to building a thriving customer base

In this online training we’ll cover:

Why the psychological phenomenon of technology addiction and loneliness in America have everything to do with the consumer shift in preference.

How you can give them what they’re asking for in an authentic way that’s about building long meaningful relationships

Radical Personalization. What it is and how personalizing your marketing, sales, eCommerce and retail experience will increase your customer’s lifetime value.

Personalization Tools. Learn about marketing tools that can help you enhance your personalized marketing.

Personalization Strategy. Creative content, campaigns, and ideas for creating a unique personalized approach to your marketing and sales.

Here’s The Background On This Event:

I was sitting in this massive conference with 2,000 product managers from all over the world. The guest list was almost as famous as the speaker list. ⠀

Netflix, Disney, Adobe, Grubhub ⠀

I was there because I wanted to learn from the people spending millions to analyze consumer behavior and find out what’s next in marketing and product development.⠀

I realized what they were trying to do. They wanted to be you. They were investing tons of money to be able to mimic small business culture – because the consumers have more trust in you. ⠀


I have simmered this into an online training that converts your marketing plan back to being you. No more giving yourself away for free. No more complicated technology set ups. We’re going to follow a plan to be mighty and small. ⠀
  • Build differentiation in your business = be totally you
  • Capitalize on the 100 people right in front of you instead of attracting 1,000’s
  • Enjoy your business and marketing because it’s about making lifelong friends and devoted fans
  • Serve your customer long into the future


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