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ARTIS College App

Artis College came to BH Marketing firm for a full blown digital launch. We started with naming, strategy, and branding. This was challenging because the product app world already had many of the obvious names unavailable if they were to obtain copyright. We chose Artis because it's the greek word for "create." The founder had a desire to see students craft their bright future--whatever that might be. The app features guided instruction and weekly prompts customized to the student's age, grade and desired school.

Our team managed social media, weekly blogging, influencer outreach, digital advertising and podcast launch and hosting. View Website

Artis College app was developed by Greg Kaplan of Earning Admission. He utilized real high school students to play a role in the media development of the marketing video and even star a role. This helped them add to their resumes and portfolios and also gave us real insights into the product's marketing and development.



The Bourbon Concierge

This well known family run liquor store in Washington DC is well known for it's private collection of hard to find libations. Wall Street comes to this little shop for high end gifts for congressmen and lobbyists. They wanted to "test" if they could sell their product online. We stood up their entire brand and eCommerce website with white-glove customer service just in time for father's day.

Andreas Calianos - Outsourced CIO

Andreas Calianos was one of the handful of financial advisors to predict, act and profit on the recession in 2006. He's been consulting with billionaire foundations for over 30-years. Now he's sharing his expertise in his new book, articles, video channel, podcast and consulting services. Here's a look at his new brand, check back for more coming soon!