[Podcast] The Website That Did Nothing

Building a website is a project that most entrepreneurs survive rather than thrive through. It is a massive investment, requires a lot of decisions to be made, and it requires a great deal of your focus and attention. At the end of the process all you want to do is turn your head away and not go back there again. You promise you'll get around to "optimizing your user experience (UX), but you forget. In fact even though google analytics was installed on the site you haven't taken a look at it once.

We see it all the time. In fact I (Becky) like to play a little game where I randomly choose websites and go on them to figure out if I can find out what they do and how to purchase their services in one minute or less (the national average for time on site) and 90% of the time the website fails. It's the website that does nothing.

Join Becky & Hillarie this week as we unpack what a working website looks like and our practical how-to's for making a website that does it's job.