[Podcast] Lessons Learned From 10 Years Of Building Online Community

Everyone's talking about online community

Remember the days of only having in-person networking events?

You wouldn't walk into a networking group you've never been to and wave your hands, jump up and down and scream: "I AM SELLING ORGANIC LOTION, COME BUY MY ORGANIC LOTION!"

So much has changed in the last decade and a half when it comes to building business community. Many of you remember the days when you relied on your Chamber of Commerce membership, red-carpet committee ribbon cutting events, and non-proft gala committees to succeed. If you were a young professional in the early 2000's like Becky, you probably went to events like this 7-days a week. You probably had a networking calendar. And it worked, it's why we did it.

Now with social media, and all of these "online communities" and facebook groups we can sit at home in our pajamas drinking wine while we network on the couch. It has many benefits, and a lot of draw backs.

Join us this week with founders of FemCity Violette De Ayala and Cheyenne Dominguez as they share their lessons in building off-line and online community over the last decade. The benefits they see to using social media as an extension of relationship and the cautions they have about using it as a full replacement.

What is FemCity? It's an online and in person network of female entrepreneurs around the globe. Visit the website to find a chapter in your local neighborhood, start one or join the online community. https://femcity.com/

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Becky Herrington & Hillarie Kay make up the B and the H of BH Marketing Firm. They believe that collaboration is better than competition, that opportunity is everywhere if you want to go after it, that benefits sell and features tell, and that there are no marketing unicorns.

They find themselves most alive when they're helping people launch and create new products, putting together strategic marketing plans and watching you become super successful.

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