[Podcast] Features Tell. Benefits Sell.

You may have heard, that features tell and benefits sell.

But how do you write great marketing copy that focuses on benefits AND explains your product or service?

When it comes to writing marketing copy that actually sells, there's some really important components and also some big mistakes many businesses are making. We see it over and over, and we have complete sympathy.

Writing marketing copy about your own business or product is hard work and not for the faint of heart. So if you sometimes see your home page and feel a bit ashamed, join the club. The secret is that EVEN great marketing companies feel that way about their own websites!

This week Becky & Hillarie are back unpacking the key elements that make up GREAT website copy...that moves the revenue needle.

Get Ready For Back To School With A Quiz Lead Magnet on Your Website!

Check out this great illustration on the difference between features and benefits.

[BLOG] Benefit Writing Worksheet.