My Technology Set Up for Podcasting

If you've started researching podcasting you've probably already become overwhelmed with all of the information about the technology required to start a podcast. You can go as wide and deep as you want to when it comes to the technology to record and edit your podcast. It can also overwhelm you and paralyze you from moving forward with your podcast.

Here's my technology I use that can travel with me wherever I go: 

That's it. It will take some time to figure out how to self edit while recording. If you're loud (or hot on the microphone) you may need to lean off the microphone and make sure you're aware when you laugh or get excited. If you're soft you'll need to stay on the microphone at all times. Having headphones will help you to hear what is being recorded.

Recording multiple people in the same room, requires a more complicated set up, but this set up works for 90% of the people I work with. 

Here's the deal, when I got started podcasting 99% of the articles out there on "How to Start a Podcast" were about equipment and editing software. Once I got started I realized that the technology was as complicated as you wanted to make it.

The real hard part of running and maintaining a successful podcast is:

  • Show Development
  • Scripting Recipes
  • Host & Guest Synergy
  • Asking Great Questions
  • Making a Consistent Show
  • Building an Audience

If you've been thinking about starting a podcast, I want to empower you that you can do it, don't let the technology keep you from moving forward.

Are you ready? Join me and launch your podcast in 30 days.

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