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Digital Marketing Funnel Strategy

Your hard earned website traffic has a job to do.

Our process for digital funnel strategy is designed for brands who have little to no brand awareness in the digital space and turn that awareness into BEST FRIENDS!

Best friends tell other friends about their friends, giving you the referral base you need to thrive in your business. Working off an opt in plan moves prospects through a series of marketing automations designed to introduce, educate and build trust. 

Trust is where purchase comes in, and what a business like you is looking for. If you're tired of laboring over social media and investing in outside ads that aren't converting, check out what a funnel strategy can do to grow your business.

It Starts With An Entry Point

You're familiar with this. Social media, blog posts, podcasts, digital ads, video. All that hard work you've been doing producing marketing content daily to get their attention and lure them into your website. But once they get there, what are you going to ask them to do?

That's where the beginning happens in a funnel. Tantalizing, strategic, on-brand content to move them in and get them to take the next action. We build custom landing pages to speak their language and offer them something they can't resist. Which brings us to the next stage, keep reading...

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Capture The Lead

The "lead magnet" is something free that they can't resist. We use a variety of freebies to get people to do one thing--GIVE UP THEIR EMAIL ADDRESS. This is a currency. It's a very low level of trust, but it gives you permission to keep talking.

Freebies are things like:

  • Quizzes
  • Guides
  • Workbooks

Build A Relationship

Relationship building has a speed of trust. First you have to introduce yourself and find out what you have in common. Then you educate on what your relationship can bring to their needs. You focus completely on them and soon you can ask them for a favor. A symbol that they're willing to take the next step and trust you. We deliver this trust building sequence through email automations. Depending on your price point, we may have to offer more along the way before we get them to do the grand gesture, purchase your product.

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