Don’t Hit That Boost Button Again

If you’ve been using facebook to advertise your business and content then you have probably used that boost button sitting right underneath your latest post. It’s so enticing, especially when you work really hard to curate that content and you just want the psychological satisfaction of seeing those likes and comments come in.

But please. Just don’t do it again.

Here’s the deal. That boost button isn’t the most strategic way to attract the right people to your brand or content. It’s limited. It’s wasting your money. And you probably already know that.

So how do you increase your exposure to the right people?

Enter Facebook Business Manager. You’re a business right. So don’t you think you should be using the business tools that facebook offers. And did you know that what’s behind the curtain is the most powerful profiling tool out there.

You can use this tool for:

  • Building personas
  • Sizing audiences for potential products
  • Experimenting with new audiences
  • Reaching the right people with your brand and content

You might already think you’re using this tool, because there are some profiling options under your boost section. They aren’t as powerful or as cool. What’s behind the business manager tool is a business intelligence that can put you on the level with any great agency out there.

Did you know that when you use business manager you can…

  • Move your ads past the facebook wall and into thousands of apps, article and video platforms, instagram, and so much more.
  • Narrow your audience, by requiring people have more than one attribute or exclude attributes.
  • Run your ads on a schedule.
  • Set optimized goals for things like: video views, conversions, leads, event registrations and many more.
  • Remarket to people who visit specific pages of your website.
  • Upload a custom email list to target very specific people with very specific messages.
  • Set up a product catalog that checks out directly from the app.
  • Make mini web pages all contained within facebook that have show higher conversion rates.

The sad thing is that Facebook is a powerful tool, but their training and support is over complicated.

That’s why I created my facebook ads manager 101 course. It’s a two hour crash course in understanding why this tool is something you need to be more intimately involved with. If you’re paying someone else to run your ads, you still need to understand what they’re doing behind the scenes. Because you are the one who knows your business. Those techy people who learned how to use the tool are making strategic assumptions about your customers that could be costing you thousands of dollars.

If you’re just hitting the boost button and walking away, well that’s a problem too. The good news is we can get you the help you desperately need.

If you’re a…

  • Marketing Pro…who needs to better understand how agencies and employees are spending your budget.
  • Small Business or Brand…who has to be in control of all their dollars while they build their business.
  • Marketing novice…who wants to up their game (and hopefully get a promotion).

This class is for you. Don’t get left in the dust, take 2 hours and learn what you can do to up your game. Classes are offered every Thursday, but space is limited. Sign up today.


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