Features Tell Benefits Sell [Benefit Copywriting Worksheet]

Writing Marketing Benefit Copywriting, is the hardest marketing lesson I have ever had to learn. It’s natural for us to tell people what we do and how we do it. As a marketer it took hours and hours of marketing copy being handed back to me by my supervisor over and over with the same feedback, no benefits. Try again. The reason he cared so much about this is a truth that has been around for as long as marketing.

Features tell. Benefits sell.

You aren’t selling candles made with soy and no perfumes or dyes.

You’re selling rest and relaxation you can enjoy without harming the environment.

You aren’t selling business coaching.

You’re selling prosperity and the freedom they’ve always dreamed of having.

You aren’t selling facials.

You’re selling self care and confidence.

It sounds easy doesn’t it. It’s not. And it’s nearly impossible to do this for yourself. You’re lost in the sauce. You are so close to your business offering that you can’t pull yourself far enough back.


Here’s my top tips for writing benefit copy:

Talk about them, not you. This is a psychologist’s trick. When you meet someone new and you spend the entire conversation asking them questions and letting them tell you about who they are they will leave and say: “I love that person. I connected so well with them.” The truth is that they may have learned absolutely nothing about you but they felt good because you were interested in them. How can you show who you are by turning it around and talking about them instead?

Here’s an example:

Feature Statement: Here at BH Marketing Firm we provide strategy, a marketing team you can count on and the execution to make your strategy happen. We combine the latests tactics with the right strategy.

Benefit Statement: When it comes to marketing we know confidence is key. Confidence comes when you have the right strategy, team and execution. Our goal isn't to sell you the latest tactics, it's to combine the right unique tactics to help you achieve the business of your dreams.

See what a difference that makes? Moving from features into benefits will up your conversion game. Here's some more tips.

Sell the relief to the pain. People will spend ANY amount of money to get out of pain. It’s why the health and wellness industry is the largest growing product and publishing category. When someone is in pain and they’ve tried over and over to solve it on their own they turn to outside help.

Let’s look at that example again:

Benefit Statement: When it comes to marketing we know confidence is key. Confidence comes when you have the right strategy, team and execution. Our goal isn't to sell you the latest tactics, it's to combine the right unique tactics to help you achieve the business of your dreams.

We aren’t selling marketing services and execution. We know that if you made it here you’ve got some pain. You’ve tried things and they haven’t worked. You’ve been reading articles, taking ecourses, built a free website on WIX and you aren’t getting leads or sales. Your confidence has been shaken and you don’t know what the right thing to do is anymore. All you want is to figure out a way to have the business you’ve been dreaming about.

Tell them what they’ll get. It is possible to list your features as benefits. It’s not easy, but it’s possible. Warning after you master this skill you may find yourself offering to re-write complete strangers’ websites.

Example: Wedding Planner (I am currently shopping for one because my little sister just got engaged! YAY!)

You can see the full listing here. 

Here’s the Original Copy:

  • Wedding planning, made simple - The Dream Wedding Planner guides you through the process of planning your perfect wedding. We let you know what you need to do, and when, through to your big day and post-wedding. We've thought of every detail so you can enjoy the build up to the biggest day of your lives
  • Tabbed Sections (14 tabs, 230 pages) - each planner consists of 230 pages of luxury 120 gsm paper divided into 14 tabbed sections so your planning is structured and logical.
  • The Complete Wedding Planner - sections included are as follows: Wedding details at a glance; The Engagement; 12 Month overview; 12 Months to go - 1 Week to go; The Day Before; The Big Day; Calendar; The Guest List; Budget Planner; Ideas & Inspiration; Things to Research; To-do items; Other Notes; Post Wedding Checklist; Our Wedding Story & Pics. Also covers: seating plan; the wedding dress; bridesmaids' dresses; the cake; floral arrangements; caterers; the photographer PLUS many more items.
  • Elegant Gift Box & Storage Pocket – give as a gift to a newly engaged couple or, if you’re the bride or groom to-be, treat yourself to our luxury planner. Safely preserve your planner for years in its protective gift box. The handy storage pocket allows you to keep vendor cards or your favorite clippings safe.
  • Gender-neutral - so as to be suitable for everybody

Here’s my re-written version:

  • Simplify your wedding planning. This wedding planner makes planning the wedding of your dreams simple. Stay calm as we keep you on track with everything you need to get done leading up to the big day. Sit back and enjoy the process, while this planner takes care of the details.
  • Stress free organization. Organized tabs including: Engagement, 12-month overview, Monthly & Weekly Tracking, Day before, Day of, To-do lists, Calendar, Notes, Post wedding checklist, Wedding Story, Seating Plan, and tips on so much more!
  • Preserve your memories. The gift box and storage pocket. Whether you’re giving this as a gift to the newly engaged couple or buying for yourself we planned for keeping your memories safe for years to come.

When it comes to writing benefit copy, we’ve got you covered. Want some help making your website sell instead of tell, set up a free 30-minute needs analysis with us today!

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